Session # 1 - From onsite to online to inline support: Beyond e-Learning

Session # 2 - Delivering a Successful Global Online Conference


PRESENTATION SUMMARY: Using Adobe ConnectPro, we staged the very first simulcast at Madlat2010 and it was recorded (in the past guest-speakers in the UK and in Australia delivered sessions at a distance, which is also an online-offline simulcast), however, for the first time ever a sessions was broadcast from the Madlat conference ground 'out').This was a very spontaneous experiment and it was not at all planned! There was no real microphone, only a headset, which was positioned on the corner of the presenters desk and a built in webcam of the netbook which picked up the audio. In this setting the voices from the audience are difficult to hear. But this spontaneous experiment showed I believe, the technology to do this is not anymore really complicated. Internet, a virtual classroom, a webcam are now readily available. If I had positioned the netbook which was on wireless in the middle of the room and if I had used a 360° webcam microphone, then this experience would have been of good enough quality to invite an audience at a distance to this local presenation.
Whilst this spontaneous recording is far from being perfect, you will be able to follow the presentation well.From minute 10 to 14, my voice got lost temporarily because I accidentally switched off the netbook and it shut down. During this time however, I showed 2 Youtube recordings and both are audible. The first one is the example at the Online Educa 2009, when we ran a Pecha Kucha that was simulcasted out from the local conference and which saw the very founder of Pecha Kucha, Mark Dytham join from Tokyo. (Pecha Kucha is a speedy presentation technique which allows for 20 slides autoadvancing every 20sec, total presentation time is 6min 40sec). The second example is simulcasting an Adobe ConnectPro session in Second Life which we did once to try it out but found it did not really make sense because many wanted to attend the session rather in Adobe. Simulcasting Second Life sessions into Adobe however is much more interesting because many users have never been in Second Life and will likely see this for the first time. (Here is an interesting example of a 20min recording by LanguageLab.) In these settings, the virtual classroom becomes a virtual window into a virtual world.

Links to what was mentioned during the presentation:
Recordings of the Virtual Round Table
Recording of the sampls session on QR Codes by Shamblesguru
Virtual World Best Practise in Education Conference (the opening keynote was brilliant)
Our tour of the Virtual World Best Practise in Education
Panel discussion example at the VRT (aPLaNet)
Example of a presentation at the VRT (Janet Bianchini on Story Telling)

Session Description:
Would you like to find a way to produce less carbon, have lower costs, be more engaging and reach educators in the most distant corners of a vast country?

You can do all this and more with a global online conference, a sustainable and ecological way of conferencing. With more than 2500 participants, approximately 240 guest speakers and 6 successful online conferences (delivered in virtual classrooms and in virtual worlds), Heike Philp of let’s talk online has gained extensive experience organizing and moderating global conferences in real-time via the internet.

This presentation will outline how to begin delivery of an online conference, which web conferencing tools work well, and the amount of work required to organize and moderate an online conference. It will identify how much technical expertise and manpower is required to prepare and train guest speakers, as well as how to engage the online audience. A brief overview will be given on which online platforms best support member registration and payment systems.

The following is a list of Online Conferences which took place since October 2009.

1st Virtual Round Table Conference on Language Learning Technologies
12-13 November 2009
  • 9 guest speakers
  • 27 sessions
  • 14+ hours of program
  • 335 unique participants from 55+ countries and 420 signed up on the VRT website
  • 5 panel discussions
  • 4 Second Life sessions
  • 12 ‘show & tell’ product presentations
  • 1 Pecha Kucha night
  • 1 raffle with prizes worth more than 3000 EUR
  • 5 excellent moderators (Valentina Dodge, Marina Petrovic, Holly Longstroth, Kirsten Winkler and Shelly Terrell)
  • 14 awesome helpers! (Vyara, Marina, Elisabetta, Jintana, Alina, Barb, Win, Bill, Brigitte, Hala, Soaad, Tanya, Violeta and
List of recordings of 12 November 2009
List of recordings of the 13 November 2009
Testimonials and appraisals

2nd Virtual Round Table Conference on Language Learning Technologies
22 - 23 April 2010
  • 61 guest speakers
  • 34 sessions
  • 32 hours of program
  • 480 unique participants from 60+ countries and 770 signed up on
    this website
  • 4 panel discussions
  • 1 unconference
  • 18 workshops (4 of which were Second Life sessions)
  • 10 presentations
  • 2 Pecha Kucha nights
  • the first ever virtual simulcast (the sessions streamed in a
    web conferencing environment AND in Second Life)
  • a poster exhibition
List of recordings of 22 April 2010
List of recordings of 23 April 2010

3rd Virtual Round Table Conference
8-9 October 2010
  • 50 guest speakers
  • 34 sessions
  • 32 hours of program
  • 524 unique participants from 60+ countries, who stayed on average 58min and 1024 signed up on this website
  • 3 panel discussions
  • 2 unconference
  • 19 workshops (no Second Life sessions this time because of the SLanguages conference 15-16 Oct)
  • 7 presentations
  • 2 Pecha Kucha nights with 8 presenters
  • an online auction
  • at the end a party in Second Life
All of the sessions have been recorded and can be found under the tab [Recordings] as individual blogs for easier sharing.

**4th Virtual Round Table Conference**
25-27 March 2011
  • 552 unique visitors in Adobe ConnectPro
  • 111 unique avatars in Second Life
  • 54 panelists, presenters and guest-speakers in 38 sessions
  • 4 panel discussions about ELTons, mLearning, the aPLaNET EU
    funded project and EVO Sessions
  • a virtual classroom strand (Adobe ConnectPro) and a virtual
    world strand (Second Life)
  • 12 presentations
  • 12 workshops
  • 4 tours in Second Life
  • a Pecha Kucha night
  • an Open Mic session
  • a party in Second Life
  • 1340 signed up on this conference site
All of the sessions have been recorded and can be found under the tab [Recordings] as individual blogs for easier sharing.

SLanguages Conference
24h conference in Second Life on language teaching and learning
This annual inworld conference took place for the 4th time in 2010 and saw...
  • 47 guest speakers offering 42 sessions
  • 377 unique avatars and 78 unique visitors in the Adobe ConnectPro room (not sure how many were in both venues) enjoyed....
    • 19 presentations
    • 3 plenaries and 1 unconference
    • 8 workshops
    • 2 theatre plays
    • 5 tours
    • 1 Dogme session
    • 2 demo lessons
    • 1 party in Second Life

Cities, culture and Knowledge Society Conference
1-day conference in Second Life with city presentations, city panels and university panels
26 November 2010
  • 2 plenaries, one with various Universities and one with virtual cities in SL
  • 3 city presentations
All recordings here

Presenter: Heike Philp

Heike Philp
Heike Philp

Heike Philp
Heike Philp aka Gwen Gwasi is founder and CEO of let’s talk online (founded in 2003) and previously held the position of managing director of LANCELOT SchoolTM GmbH (2006-2010), an accredited teacher training center for language teaching in real-time via the internet by means of virtual classroom technology and virtual worlds. With over 20 years experience in education and with Germany’s first live online language school, Philp co-initiated two European funded projects and worked with 35 European partners including 17 universities to develop accredited and certified teacher training courses. These EU Projects are LANCELOT (LANguage learning with CErtified Live Online Teachers) and AVALON (Access to Virtual and Action Learning live Online. Philp runs her own online conference, the Virtual Round Table conference and is co-organizer of the SLanguages conference in Second Life. She co-owns EduNation islands in Second Life and her blog let’s talk online is a rich resource for language educators who want to work online.

Contact details
Skype ID: letstalkonline
Twitter: @heikephilp
Email: (main website/ blog, founded 2003) (managing director LANCELOT School GmbH, 2005-2010) (co-initiator EU funded AVALON project) (co-initiator EU funded LANCELOT project) (community (organiser Virtual Round Table Conference) (co-organiser SLanguages Conference) (co-owner Second Life Island) (board member European Telecoaching Institut)

Session # 3 - Re-thinking Schools and Educating Students. Can online learning help?

Session # 4 - Scaffolding in a Digital World: The Role of the Learning Strategist in Online Learning

Session # 5 - Manitoba Educator's Services Initiative

Session # 6 - Working Overseas in Distance and Online Education - An Example from a College in China

Attached is a presentation discussing some of the challenges and benefits of working overseas that you may wish to consider if you have an opportunity.
Dr. Bonnie Luterbach enjoyed her experiences leading an instructional design workshop about online education for the China Agriculture Broadcasting and Television School (CABTS) in 2010. CABTS has 200,000 students and 3,000 community-based centres in China and is in transition from broadcast education to integrating online learning in their blended model.

Session # 7 - Teaching with Technology: Engaging Faculty in a Process of Change

Prezi presentation can be found HERE.

Session # 8 - Technology in the Mathematics Classroom: The Case for Authentic Math and Virtual Manipulatives

Session # S1 - Assessing Performance and Confidence in a Multi-Player Environmental Science Game

Session # 9 - LiveCode Programming Apps for the rest of us * Continued in Session 15

Apple Developer Registration:

Apple Developer Programs:


LiveCode Tutorials:

LiveCode Forum:

Article DevProConnections. March 23, 2011: "A Survey of Cross-Platform Mobile IDEs":

Diawi (onLine deployment):


Session # 10 - Open Space Forum - Generating New Points of View * Continued in Session 16

Session # 11 - Ins and Outs of Delivering an Online Translation Program

Session # 12 - Leveraging Social Media in the Classroom

Session # 13 - Perceptions and experiences of nursing students' learning in high-fidelity simulation: An Ethnographic Study

Session # 14 - Learning French as an Additional Language - Integrating Media-Rich Activities in Communicative-Approach Distance Language Learning

Session # 15 - LiveCode Programming Apps for the rest of us * Continued from Session 9

Session # 16 - Open Space Forum - Generating New Points of View *Continued from Session 10

Session # 17 - The "Evolution" of CHEM 0900 Preparatory Chemistry Online Course - Instructors do learn a lot too!

Session # 18 - Google Forms/Google Surveys

  1. Google Forms and Wordle Form
  2. Google Forms and Wordle Spreadsheet
  3. Types of Google Forms Questions

Session # 19 - The New Spanish Language Program at the University of North Dakota: The Challenges of Redesign

Session # 20 - Creating a Collaborative Wiki Textbook in an Undergraduate Nursing Course

Session # 21 - State of the Nation: K-12 Online Learning in Canada (2010)

State of the Nation: K-12 Online Learning in Canada reports

- A PDF of the slides from the session

Session # 22 - Increasing Educational Opportunities for First Nations Students - the Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate Experience

Session # 23 - Career Portfolio Manitoba

Session # 24 - The role of Information and Communication Technologies in Rural Healthcare

Session # 25 - Creating and Managing Your Digital Footprint

Session # 26 - Reality Bytes: Perspective of Online Language Learning in Manitoba

Welcome to Reality Bytes: Click for session information and links --> REALITY BYTES

Session # 27 - From Theory to Practive: Implementing Performance Support in a Complex Health Care Environment

Session # 28 - Social Networking Site Facebook application for Educational Purposes

Session # 29 - To Be Announced

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